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In-Custody Treatment Services

In-Custody Treatment Services

The in-custody correctional treatment services provided to offenders are in large part considered to be the foundational treatment episode on which all other success is built. Gateway Corrections has been providing in-custody correctional treatment services in jails and prisons for over 40 years. In-prison substance abuse treatment programs can provide a 103% – 376% return on investment.

Our extensive history of Modified Therapeutic Community treatment and other institutional interventions, and the breadth of our service locations serve as evidence that Gateway is the leading non-profit provider of correctional treatment services. Having evolved over the past four decades, Gateway’s in-custody alcohol and drug treatment services are designed to meet an array of treatment needs, in variety of correctional treatment settings.

Therapeutic Community Treatment Model

Typically, Gateway programs are structured for one of four distinct offender populations: jailed offenders; probationers; prisoners/inmates; and, parolees. Each of these offender populations presents with challenges whose needs must be addressed uniquely to their conditions. Gateway adapts correctional treatment interventions at the program level in response to thorough risk assessments, contractual mandates and expectations, and related regulatory or statutory guidelines.

Gateway prides itself on our ability to modify programming accordingly, through providing varying lengths of stay, updated treatment methods, interventions specific to the presenting condition and risk levels of the clients, and enhancements that far exceed most contractor expectations. Gateway’s mantra relative to work within the corrections setting is “we are guests in your home.”

Our therapeutic community treatment model methodology is one of collaboration and partnership, and is based on cooperative intervention in the provision of services for offenders. Gateway is an extremely experienced provider in correctional treatment settings, and has successfully operated fully-dedicated correctional programs as large as 950 inmates.

Fast Fact
Gateway Foundation Corrections is the leading national provider of TC treatment in correctional settings.

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