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In-Prison Therapeutic Communities

Therapeutic Community (TC) Treatment Model

Gateway Foundation is perhaps best known for our in-custody Modified Therapeutic Community (TC) treatment model which we have developed and implemented over time based on our experience, careful study of TC research literature, and outcome studies over the past 40 years. Gateway’s lengthy history of providing TC services to clients in correctional treatment facilities clearly demonstrates our competence with Therapeutic Community treatment, modified to fit the treatment needs of the clients we serve, and the organizational needs of the customers with whom we contract.

Commitment to Clients

Gateway is committed to providing clients with meaningful, therapeutic, interpersonal interactions, whether they take place in session with staff or within the therapeutic community client milieu. We have modified the traditional TC model according to the premise that therapeutic social interactions are an essential component of treatment. Change occurs and clients achieve recovery from substance abuse as they are exposed to healthy therapeutic community dynamics, participate in conflict resolution groups, perform TC job functions and learn to use the tools necessary to remain clean and sober while in custody and later upon release into the free world. We believe therapeutic community works best if it is separate from the general population and where inmates are expected to participate 24/7/365.

Fast Fact
Gateway is a recognized leader in the field of correctional substance abuse treatment, serving over 20,000 criminal justice clients per year.

Effective Alcohol Treatment and Drug Treatment Programs

Through a comprehensive Quality Assurance protocol, our in-custody alcohol treatment and drug treatment programs are constantly evaluated for efficacy and effectiveness, and are modified and updated as advancements are made in both research and the treatment field as a whole. As a result of our dedication to evidence-based practice, in coordination with our time-tested Therapeutic Community methodology, the Gateway treatment model has been proven to be one of the most effective institutional interventions available for the correctional substance abusing client.

Through the application of our Internal Evaluation Protocol, Gateway has made “adaptive” treatment a cornerstone of the treatment model, whereby the ongoing assessment process enables individualized care within the community structure. In addition, our participation in evaluation research and outcome studies over the years has demonstrated our ability to provide services that reduce recidivism and prepare clients to become productive, crime-free, drug-free citizens of society.

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