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Gateway Foundation Corrections is one of the largest not-for-profit correctional treatment provider in the nation based on bed capacity under contract. We have a history of providing programs that dramatically reduce recidivism, successfully reintegrate offenders into communities as productive citizens, and do so in a manner that saves money for the jurisdictions we serve!


Gateway not only provides substance abuse treatment services for the incarcerated, but we also assist individuals in gaining access to a full spectrum of services upon their release. Most individuals require continuing treatment (residential and/or outpatient), linkages with self-help groups and social service agencies, or assistance in finding appropriate housing. Gateway maintains linkages with other providers to ensure that individuals can find appropriate services in the areas to which they are moving, and our treatment programs emphasize the development of life skills that enhance individuals’ abilities to maintain sober, crime-free lives.

Fast Fact
Substance abuse treatment has been shown to save between $4 and $7 for every dollar spent.

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