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Day Reporting Centers

Day Reporting Centers

The Day Reporting Center treatment model is designed to address the needs of offenders who are experiencing significant substance abuse and/or dependency issues, but still have a suitable living situation within the community. These programs can have a significant impact on jail capacity, as well as reduce recidivism through the provision of effective treatment interventions.

Fast Fact
Day Reporting Centers are a proven, cost-effective alternative to the more expensive, short-term incarceration sentences for low-level offenders.

Outpatient treatment within the Day Reporting Center model can includes monitoring of movement outside of normal program hours, via electronic monitoring or physical monitoring plans (in-person checks, telephone verifications, etc.). Gateway staff members provide supportive treatment services designed to address substance abuse and criminality issues with a substantial emphasis on re-entry case management. This can aid in the successful completion of sentencing or release criteria.

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