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Hotline Reporting:

Report a PREA issue anytime at 1-800-457-2598 or file a report online. To file a report online, click the link below, select the appropriate location for your report, and then click on “Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)”.

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File a report directly with Gateway

You may file a report directly with Gateway by mailing your report to the address below (if the location you are reporting on is not specified below, please send to the “Gateway Foundation Corrections, Administration” address):

Gateway Foundation Corrections, Administration

Address:55 E Jackson Blvd., Suite #1500, Chicago, IL 60604

Attn. PREA Coordinator

Email: compliance@gatewayfoundation.org

Gateway Foundation Corrections, Dallas County

Address: 200 Greene Road, Lancaster, TX 75171

Attn. Vonda Freeman

Phone: (972) 441-6160 or (469) 941-3410

Gateway Foundation Corrections, Harris County

Address: 2312 Atascocita Road, Humble, TX 77396

Attn. PREA Coordinator

Phone: (832) 927-PREA (7732)
Email: PREAReporting@csc.hctx.net

Gateway Foundation Corrections, Travis County

Address: 3404 South FM 973, Del Valle, Texas 78617
Phone: 512-854-3150

Jill Niemtschk, Residential Administrator

Email: Jill.Niemtschk@traviscountytx.gov


Margie Kanada, Facility Administrator

Email: MLKANADA@gatewayfoundation.org

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