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Gateway Expands National Reach By Opening New Treatment Center in New Jersey

Gateway Expands National Reach By Opening New Treatment Center in New Jersey

Gateway facility at Mid-State Correctional Facility supports efforts to provide proper treatment and reduce offenses related to substance abuse


Gateway Foundation, a leading non-profit provider of alcohol and drug addiction treatment services, has opened a new treatment center in New Jersey, further expanding its national network. The center, located at Mid-State Correctional Facility offers evidenced-based, cost-effective treatment to inmates to combat the number of reoccurring drug offenses in the area and create a safer and drug-free community.

Fast Fact: Gateway Foundation provides offenders the services necessary to successfully re-enter society as productive citizens.

The newly opened center comes at a time when the opioid overdose death toll in New Jersey is at an all-time high — up by 21 percent in 2015 — heightening the need for new approaches to substance use treatment. In efforts to overcome this statistic, the state’s governor, Chris Christie, along with several Gateway Foundation representatives, officially opened the new Gateway treatment center during a roundtable held at Mid-State Correctional last week. The center will help individuals entering the criminal justice system with a substance use disorder to receive treatment, and, ideally find sustained rehabilitation and recovery.

This, in turn, will cut costs incurred due to incarcerating reoccurring drug-related offenders, while also helping to save lives and mold those individuals into becoming pillars of the community instead of returning back to their previous habits.

“Substance use continues to be a critical problem for the nation, and one that requires a unique approach to solve, especially among those that may not be ready for treatment,” said Dr. Thomas Britton, president and CEO of Gateway Foundation. “We at Gateway are honored to have the opportunity to shepherd Gov. Christie’s vision for a better New Jersey and serve as an inspiration for other states. We look forward to helping individuals on their unique journey to recovery.”

Gateway’s highly-trained staff, counselors and doctors, all with a deep understanding of integrated treatment and personalized plans, will provide various levels of inpatient and outpatient therapy at Mid-State Correctional. “In my line of work, I’ve realized that locking up drug-dependent individuals for a while without necessary treatment and then sending them back to the community does not correct the problem, but creates a constant rotation of drug-related offenses or worse, fatal overdose,” says Gateway Foundation Counselor Juan Rolon. “With this new focus on offering treatment rather than just punishment, we’re able to give these individuals an opportunity to re-approach life sober while also creating a better and safer community as a whole.”

Beyond Mid-State Correctional, Gateway, one of the largest treatment providers in the country, has over 40 facilities enterprise-wide and treats over 24,000 patients annually. Gateway’s broad network of facilities and correctional treatment programs serve individuals from all over the U.S. including the recently opened Youth Boys Recovery Home in Carbondale, IL and outpatient addiction treatment center in Joliet, IL.

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